Social Impact

Good Cause Hong Kong

Besides helping local businesses to accurately publish relevant information to people nearby, we know that many local NGOs also have the same need to better communicate with the neighbourhood. As we were told by the organizations we worked together, there are actually many NGOs trying to provide resources, information and services to the community. But due to different limitations, the hidden service users or those with real needs often times are not aware of these services. As a result, a lot of the service capacity from these NGOs is not utilized.

Therefore, Around wants to become the platform for these NGOs to distribute community news and information. We want to help these organizations reach out to people within their service boundary, such that more people can be served. If the non-profit organzation that you work for also want to reach out to more people in the area, please contact us. We can set up an Around Organization Account* for your organization, so you can distribution information using Around Neighbours for free.

If the social enterprise that you work for also has similar need, please also contact us. Each case will be handled with discretion.

*A verification process will apply, where appropriate.